School Consolidation Update 9/14/19

Today, over 75 Don Benito families, community members, teachers, city and school officials gathered to be together as a Don Benito family and shared their ❤️for Don Benito.

At the event, we heard from our Board trustee, Mr. Roy Boulghourjian, who shared his confidence that Don Benito would remain open and that we would see financial support from the district that as of yet we have not.  

This statement gave me great reassurance that our efforts are working and that we’ll prevail in ensuring that Don Benito remains open for years to come.

But we do need to make sure that we keep up our attention on this issue as it plays out within the Master Planning Committee, and see this experience as an opportunity to proudly proclaim Don Benito’s value to our district and our school community.

Coming up this next week, the Master Planning Committee will be meeting to further their recommendations and discuss alternative solutions. The first meeting will be on Tuesday, September 17 and the second will be Thursday, September 19, both in conference room 229 at the PUSD Ed Center (351 S. Hudson Ave) at 3:30pm. As with all public meetings, comments can be made.

To that end, and in order to keep Don Benito’s response organized and orderly, it was proposed that I speak for parents in open comment at the Thursday meeting so as to ensure that we do not overly disrupt the proceedings, and to keep the committee focused on its work. Additionally, a few Don Benito teachers plan to speak at the meeting as well. Collectively, we’ll have a small but vocal group representing the various value points of Don Benito, and I think that’s appropriate this week. Pending the outcomes of the committee’s discussions, we can regroup and determine the next best level of support moving ahead.

If Don Benito remains part of the committee’s final report and is recommended for closure to the school board, I am optimistic that the board will not ultimately vote to close Don Benito. But we must remain vigilant for any possible variance to that outcome and stay engaged.

In preparation for next week, here are some materials you can review to familiarize yourself with the work the committee is doing and what’s to come.

What You Can Do

I would love any of you that have time to appear at either of these committee meetings, but especially the Thursday 9/19 one, because that’s when the Master Planning Committee will wrap up their recommendations for elementary school consolidation.

Here are handouts you can review, in the meantime:

The Facts and What’s to Come
Gives a recap of the facts of the Committee’s Evaluation, as it pertains to Don Benito, and whats ahead.

Suggested Talking Points
For those sending emails to the Master Planning Committee, here are talking points what we feel will resonate with this board.

Here are also some data issued by PUSD that you can review to familiarize yourself with the issues why the Master planning committee is recommending consolidation:

Davis Demographics Final Report 2018-2019
Projection Summary Using DD Data
Projections by Grade Span for Viability

Thank you for your continued support and more information to come as we uncover it.