Considerations for converting from a PTA to a PTO

We are facing changes at Don Benito next year. National PTA has imposed new rules severely limiting the flexibility of our local Don Benito PTA unit. Because we’d like to have greater say in how we serve the needs of our community, we're considering changing from a PTA to a PTO (Parent Teacher Organization) unit.
Being a PTO would make us an independent parent group and allow us to create our own bylaws. This gives us more control over how our parent organization functions, including how we raise money and where we spend it. We’ve discovered there are almost twice as many PTOs as PTAs in the United States, and that number is growing.
Making this change is a big decision and involves all parents at our school. To help you understand the differences between a PTA and a PTO, we’re providing the following information, and related links. Please take a moment to read it, then come to our June 6 PTA meeting to help us make the best choice for everyone.
PTA Benefits:

PTA Challenges:

PTO Benefits:

PTO Challenges:


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